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Lepaskan aku
Friday, 3 February 2012 | 10:22 | 0 comments

i'm writing typing this post on 2:18 am in the morning , Malaysian time .
i was listening to this song and its deepest lyrics at least to me hehe got me thinking and won't allow me to fall asleep
as a result i was waking up at 2am typing this entry which i think no one will ever read ahaha


Mulai saat ini
Aku kan ubah pendirian
Walau ramai akhir sendirian
Jangan difikir fasal aku
Teruskan saja dengan hidupmu
Hadirmu mungkin tidak membantu

Pasangan tak sentiasa indah
Mesti ada perang yang kau redah
Aku wakil laki takkan rebah
Ku tak mahu beterus terang
Risaukan kemuncak amarah ku
Maki hamun berasing tak tentu
Lepaskan aku
Lupakan aku
Aku hanya ingin sendirian
Tak pernah ku rasakan
Atas nama tekanan
Tak pernah ku rasakan
Atsa nama tekanan
kalau aku ada/masih ada  boyfriend , aku mau nyanyi lagu ni untuk dia then dump dia utk kelihatan COOL :P
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 | 22:53 | 0 comments
Hello february and hello lovers (:

i'll be ur man
i'll understand
i'll do my best
to take good care of u

u'll be my queen
i'll be ur king
and i'll be ur lover too

yes, i will

derry down green
color of my dream
a dream thats daily coming true
and ohh when the day is through
i will come to u and take u on
u many charms

and u'll look at me
with eyes that see
and we'll malt into each others arms

u'll be my queen
and i'll be ur king
and i'll be ur lover too 

happy love month people ! its february and love is in the air ~
spread love awesome human :)

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Never think
| 06:05 | 0 comments
just never think
whats in your heart
whats in our home
so i won`t

you'll learn to hate me
but still call me baby
oh love
just call me by my name

and save your soul
save your soul
before you too far gone
before nothing can be done

i`ll try to decide when
she`ll lie in the end?
i ain`t got no fight in me
in this whole damn world
telling u to hold off

she said hold on
its the one thing i`ve known
once i put my coat on
even i know its all wrong
she`s standing outside holding me
sayin` oh please i`m in love
i`m in love

girl,save your soul
go on and save your soul
before u too far gone
before nothing can be done
cause without me
u got it all
so hold on

without me u got it all
so hold on
without me u got it all
without me u got all
so hold on . .